Thursday, June 4, 2015

Procedural Sun Shader Update

Hello out there,
I wanted to share a small update of the procedural sun shader.

In the initial version of the shader I used a simple plane for the corona and let it always look towards the camera. That did the job in my project, but it looked a bit weird and flat in the webplayer presentation. I decided to use a few different planes instead, to get rid of rotation thing at all. Each of the planes is facing a different angle, so you can always see the corona without a need to rotate any plane. With multiple overlapping planes instead of a single lonely plane, I also had to do some minor changes on the shader itself. to make sure all planes blend together nicely :)

Furthermore I added a skybox texture and made a few ui tweakes in the presentation scene. I hope you like the changes and as last time feel free to play around with the values in the updated webplayer showcase. Hf creating your own suns!

As always, I'm open to feedback and would appreciate comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading.

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