Thursday, December 25, 2014

Time for an update :)

the end of the year is coming closer and I finally found the time to post some new stuff here.
I just couldn't find the time to write long blog posts about interesting things ;)

But I have uploaded a few things on deviant art from time to time, for the case you missed it

I have also updated my portfolio recently with some of the work I made during my second study year and with this highpoly model I created to deepen my knowledge about hard surface modeling and to learn a bit more about the PBR workflow and Substance Designer. 


 While we are talking about Substance, I have worked on a small script for Maya to have a interface for the Substance batch tools. The script allows you to quickly batch bake maps for your models with the Substance batch baker, without leaving Maya. It's a quicker and more intuitive way to bake large amounts of models.  

 Currently I am still working on some more functions.  For example if you want to create a couple of models which are using the same Substance, just with different input maps like a normal´s or AO´s. You can use it to quickly generate a new Substance for each model, with the associated baked maps and export your final textures.

Beside that I have also worked on a few other tools during the last year, to improve my workflow in Maya. 

They are allowing me to reduce the time I need for some repetitive tasks like exporting my models to the correct paths in different projects, but I will talk a bit more in depth about this in a separate blog posts, if I am at a point where I think, that the tools are ready for a release.

As always, I'm open to feedback and would appreciate comments and suggestions.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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