Friday, November 1, 2013

Stay on the Track (4) Final Map

in this fourth and last part of my blog series about Stay on the Track I want to show you the final results of the map.

Because I already wrote tons of text in my Previous posts I will try to reduce it this time to a minimum and let just the images speak, because no one will read the text anyway ;)

To present the final map and show at least some interaction I have made a small fly-through video.

I used a lot of models from the Hl2 Mod Fistful of Frags for my final version, because even if  I wanted, I haven't got the time to create all these models and textures from scratch for this project. So at the end I just decided to go along with css and fof assets as mentioned in the credits.

So enough text, here you have some screenshots of my final version.

Its probably not my prettiest map so far, but for the short amount of time I got to work on it, I am kind of happy with the results.

With this I want to finally finish this blog series, took a bit longer than I thought.
I hope this little post was useful in an informative or inspiring kind, or at least useful in some way ;)

If you like this small project I would appreciate some feedback.

So bye for now and till my next blog post. 

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