Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome Post

and welcome to my little blog. I created this blog to share some of my work and experience to people out there who are interested in the creation of games or digital art.
I will try to post some things for all of you who are interested in regular intervals but if I don't post something for a while do not worry this is currently just a hobby for me and so I will post every time something new for you if I have something interesting for you ;)
And sorry if my English isn't correct all the time, I will try to improve it over the time :>

In September I will start my Game Design study and I will try to inform you about that as often as I can. Until than my main topics in this blog will be about the Mapping and 3D/2D stuff I have made.
And it can also happen that I will rework some of my posts over the time because some of them will be a kind of article, but if these are big changes I will post a note for you on twitter. And I will try not just to post about that stuff and also post something about some useful learning tips or interesting hardware for you guys out there who are interested in the same stuff as me.
But yeah first I have to post something at all :P

If you want to know more about me just visit my Homepage or write me a mail.

Bye for now

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